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Program Overview 

AGHAZ initiated Mother & Child (Health Awareness/Nutrition Support Program at Jalala Camp – Mardan with the help of its partners and individual donors. AGHAZ deployed 01 LHW (Lady Health Worker), 01 Community Mobilizer and 01 Field Coordinator for execution of program. AGHAZ identified 121 PWs (Pregnant Women) and 139 Infants (below 01 year Age) within sectors of the camp. Initially 40 PWs and 14 Infants are being provided Nutrition Support at Sector – A of Jalala Camp, whereas AGHAZ is planning to expand the distribution of nutrition support within all sectors. AGHAZ is distributing 02 different packages they are;

Nutritional Support 

1. Package N-I: For PWs and Infant’s Mothers

Food Supplement, Iron Caps, Folic Acid Tabs, ORS, Calci

2.  Package N-II: For Infants (below 01 year of age)

Medicated Nutritional Dry Milk, Nutritional Food (Cerelac), ORS


1. PWs = 121 

2. Infants (below 01 year Age) = 139


1. Concerns Citizens of Pakistan

2. Swat

AGHAZ is also providing basic health awareness through community mobilization within the camp.

Press Releases

29 January, 2013

29 January, 2013
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