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Ramzan Food Aid Program

Program Overview

AGHAZ received a donation from Islamic Relief France, for distribution of Food Package i.e. Flour, Sugar, Dates, Beans, Oil/Ghee, Rice, Dal, Tea, Dry Milk and Roh-Afza, in the vulnerable communities of District Charsadda.


In the first phase, Aghaz with the help of local community and staff conducted a base line survey and identified 890 extremely vulnerable families in 11 union councils of District Charsadda.

In 2nd phase, the identified families shall be given RAMZAN FOOD PACKAGE. Aghaz shall be distributing the Ramzan Food Package among 890 families in 2 weeks. The first distribution shall be executed on 27th of August, 2009 for vulnerable families of union council MC-I and MC-IV, however each day more than 100 families shall be receiving Food packages every day.

Aghaz shall reach the far flung areas of District Charsadda for Distribution of Food Package.

Package Details

  • Floor 
  • Sugar 
  • Rice 
  • Dry Milk 
  • Tea 
  • Beans 
  • Dal 
  • Dates 
  • Soft Drink 
  • Ghee/oil 


No. of Families & Individual Beneficiaries

Total Families = 890

Total Individuals = 6230 approx 

Donor & Partners

1. Scour Islamic France (SIF)

Press Releases

29 January, 2013

29 January, 2013
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