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Core Values

Core Values

In realising its aim and objectives, the organization will strive for:

¨ Mutual respect and understanding

¨ Equitability and impartiality 

¨ Participation and transparency 

¨ Partnership and cooperation 

¨ Sincerity and Self-confession (self-criticism, self-evaluation)

Working Approach

The Aghaz believes that bringing the marginalized groups in the development process is possible only through their direct involvement in the process. So the development activities for the target groups must be implemented by themselves. For this, the organization will play the role of facilitator to create an appropriate environment and opportunities for such communities. While playing this role, the organization will strive for collective efforts by maintaining mutual understanding and coordination with organisations having similar objectives. The federation, before implementing any program, will facilitate the target groups for their involvement in the situation study, analysis and planning process. Similarly, the organization will make efforts to help the communities and target groups in their development and welfare by closely working together with the responsible authorities, NGOs, and DAs. The organization has the following specific working approaches:

¨ Development works for the target groups to be carried out with the involvement of communities themselves (let them do their development themselves)

¨ Development through coordination, collective efforts and net working.

¨ Right-based advocacy

¨ Adoption of new working approaches based on situational study and analysis

¨ Arrange seminar, walks, and peace debates to bring peace in the target areas and condemn terrorism.

Press Releases

29 January, 2013

29 January, 2013
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