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Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Facilitate the marginalized indigenous communities in their empowerment process to influence government authorities, policy makers to formulate appropriate policies and procedures with regard to social development and helping with their implementation to create an equitable and peaceful society.

Strategic Objectives

¨ Supporting the most neglected community and especially tribal areas of North West Pakistan. 

¨ Emergency Response and providing support to internally displace persons (IDPs).

¨ Help the marginalised indigenous communities for their participation into development process by organising and sensitising them.

¨ Protect child right with special focus

¨ Help poor communities get their living standard improved by developing their knowledge, skills and attitude.

¨ Help poor and needy communities get their knowledge and skills developed, their thoughts and behaviour changed so as to improve their living standard.

¨ Advocacy, alliances and lobbing will be mounted to pressurise government authorities to become accountable for the establishment of rights and proportional participation of the marginalized communities in the development process.

¨ Get activities planned and implemented with the marginalized groups for the proportional development of the indigenous peoples.

¨ Maintain relation and coordination with the government, NGOs/DAs to secure necessary assistance for development activities and the initiative for ensuring rights and development of the communities.

¨ Carry out situational studies/analysis and develop appropriate strategies and get them implemented.

¨ Take responsibility for monitoring and evaluating of and transparency in the activities implemented by the member and partner organisations.

¨ Arrange seminar, walks, and peace debates to bring peace in the target areas and condemn terrorism.

Press Releases

29 January, 2013

29 January, 2013
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