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About Us

Who We Are?

AGHAZ is a non-profit, non political and non-governmental humanitarian organization, registered under societies act 1860 (Government of Pakistan). The organization was founded by some dynamic a professional volunteers, from different race, culture, & communities. The key goal of the organization is “To SERVE HUMANITY”.

What We Do?

AGHAZ gives priority to Developmental works through collective participation. The main activities of the society are Education, Water & Sanitation, Human Rights, Health, Peace, Children Rights, HIV/AIDS, which include a wide range of activities for the less privileged and marginalized people in both urban and rural areas of the province. The society has a good public image.

The AGHAZ seeks to work in partnership of its government and local & international donor agencies, particularly in times of emergencies and disasters.

The AGHAZ is represented throughout the province. The headquarters is situated in Peshawar and coordinates the activities of all their partners. Regarding internal management, the AGHAZ is autonomous and governed by their respective managing committees, which are the principal policy-making and executive organs.

Organization Objectives

¨ To promote community health and development through the implementation of integrated, community based project including the installation of sanitation facilities, improvement of water supplies, health/hygiene education and community organizations for  project 

¨ To develop the capacity of self help within community 

¨ To improve the quality of livestock and poultry production 

¨ To develop human resources by encouraging and enhancing existing skills and to run training programmes, workshops etc. to impart skills needed for the achievement of these objectives 

¨ To work on Women In Development (WID) 

¨ To educate the community about family planning and over all population of the country 

¨ Education 


¨ Human Rights

Press Releases

29 January, 2013

29 January, 2013
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